The structure, which MANADA strings through the different programs of offices, becomes a line that goes over the entire space. Yet it never encloses a place from another. The structures, once again, string together, weave, connect. Their thickness, their articulation and their distance between elements gives character to the connections. The users of the offices inhabit those connections. There resides the revolutionary power of MANADA’s architectural proposal: they make things happen where typically nothing happens. If other architectural practices try to scrub out the union between a program and another in order to blur differences, MANADA extends said union, makes it a space in itself, one whose program is caught up by the adjacent parts while still articulated enough to allow for its own program.



XIII Bienal Nacional de Arquitectura Mexicana 2014:
Honorific Mention
AMDI Winner 2013:
Office construction
PRISMA Winner 2013:
Office construction